Ajoy Prabhu tries to uncover art in nature allows him to convey its inner beauty and tranquility to others.

Infectious diseases and IT are the main occupants in his “left brain”; he has researched HIV-AIDS for many years. Art however, dominates his “right”. Admirers of his art have long experienced Ajoy’s images, hanging as timeless prints on the walls of their homes and offices. Viewers see the perfection in his photos. He feels that quality workmanship can only help further express his joy and respect for nature.

Ajoy shares his images with us so that others may be inspired to work towards keeping the earth in balance.

– Annual Upakar Foundation Art Show (2007 – Present)
– Clinical Center, National Institutes of Health (2009)
– National Institutes of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (Permanent)
– Office of Technology Transfer, National Institutes of Health (Permanent)

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A note to those that would want my images: Please do not assume that since the Internet is ‘free’ so are the images on it. Authors appreciate the respect to their work. Just remember, that producing high-quality images is hard work. That said, I almost always grant free permission for using low-resolution copies of my images to non-profits. My images have been used by non-profits entities in U.S. as well as in Europe…after politely asking me for them of course! So if you are a non-profit entity and like a particular image and would like to use it, please ask. If you are a for-profit/commercial entity, please license the image. Licensing fees are very reasonable.