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I am very excited to announce my photo tour in Iceland – the country that has it all – from awe-inspiring waterfalls, unique flora, spectacular views, imposing mountains and the northern lights. I am doing this in conjunction with one of the best tour companies in Iceland, Icelandic Aurora. These guys are by-far the most accommodating and impressive tour operators on the island. Feel free to check testimonials from happy customers at  Icelandic Aurora. Also check out my images below to get an idea about what you can expect.

Before you arrive for our first meeting, I will send you a list of equipment you should bring. This will include travel gear including protective clothing, camera, lens and software recommendations. Just so that I can pay attention to each of you, I will be taking a maximum of four to six photographers on each tour.

Tour + Workshop:

Custom Workshop included!

Private workshops and tours will tailored to exactly what you or your group would like to learn. The very first time we meet, probably in Reykjavik, I will go over my my unique workflow, tools I use, what it takes to make a great final image and finally, tips on how to make the best use of your time on-location.

Typical format for each day:

Before we depart our ways, I will provide each of you with my thoughts about what areas I feel you shine in and what areas you may need more effort so that back home, you can continue what you learned at the tour.

Images I captured:

Here are some images that you can certainly hope to capture of this rugged yet beautiful land of fire and Ice!

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Go to the Icelandic Aurora – Photo Tours page where you can get the cost, get more information and sign up for this tour.