With newer cameras, a better signal to noise ratio, in plain language, means you can get respectable images in almost pitch darkness.

I took these shots in a very dark mud and straw hut in Mexico. The light level was so low that it took a few seconds to adjust to the darkness. There was no artificial light and the only light was from a small window to the left of the kitchen. At an ISO of 400, my first image was a disaster–

Initial image as soon as I walked into the hut.

Initial image as soon as I walked into the hut.
ISO 400.

Cranked up the ISO to 800. Still not good enough (notice the lady’s hands).

Crakened up the ISO to about 800.
ISO 800 at 1/40th sec.

The last image is what I wanted to show anyway– the tortillas.

ISO 12,000 and using the outside light as much as possible.
1/160th sec. at ISO 12,800.

The maker’s hands in the background completes the story for me. It reflects what I consider my personal style of photography, up close and to the point.

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October 30, 2014