People often think that having a feature-rich camera means spending a lot of money. I took upon a challenge of finding a cameras that can do the following:


  1. Allow the user to start slow, in “auto” mode and as they develop skills, allow user intervention in almost all areas such as exposure compensation, shutter or aperture priority, or completely manual exposure as well as focusing.
  2. Have a large optical zoom range that obviates the need to carry multiple lenses.
  3. Have a long battery life after just one charge.
  4. Some amount of scene (preferably face) recognition.
  5. Have a built-in flash but allow for adding an accessory flash.
  6. Image stabilization.
  7. Enough pixel resolution to allow poster-size prints, and
  8. Cost no more than $100!


Impossible you say? Click to checkout used prices for these three beauties:





December 21, 2016

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