People often ask me how to take good shots with a smartphone.

My standard response has been that it is not the camera, but how it is taken. Granted, you have to keep these tips in mind, but still… there must be SOMETHING I look for in a smartphone when I want it as a camera?

Yes. there are.

  1. As high a resolution as you can afford up to about 6MP. Beyond that, it really does not matter unless you plan to enlarge and print your photo.
  2. An ability to digitally zoom into a scene. (NOTE: This tip is not for gear-heads or those that want hi-quality images.)
  3. Flash (optional)
So what phones do I like?
  1. iPhone (yup. I said it!)
  2. Samsung Galaxy S
  3. Samsung i5500 (aka Galaxy 5)
  4. HTC Desire HD (aka HTC Inspire)



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September 14, 2011

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