You think it is not possible to take very decent photos with a smartphone? Think again. Here is a shot of some Ahi tuna I made the other day. Look at the image and then read below as to why I think that this image works…

For one, the colors and sharpness are good. Your eye tends to go from the bottom left following the tuna up the frame and then down again past the asparagus to the mushrooms.

How did I take this photo? [auth] I used just ambient light, turned the flash off, placed the plate almost directly below the lights, held the phone on the edge of the plate…actually, pressing it on the plate so there is no camera shake, put the phone on self timer and just kept holding the camera still till the photo was taken. I pulled the photo up in an editor and made sure that the white balance and tones were OK. That was it!

Now it is your turn. Try this and let me know how it goes. [/auth] [simple_tooltip content=’I do not want this article to be picked up by search engines, yet want to let viewers like you, read it. Log in using Facebook; takes less than 2 clicks.’][Why login?][/simple_tooltip]

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March 27, 2012

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